Do Great Generals Have Visions?


Many military generals whose names adorn the annals of history have something very unique in common – they believed in victory as almost a divine right, well beyond ego or arrogance, although also had a good dose of that as well. Just like many of the top athletes believe they are going to win, almost to the point of psycho-cybernetics on steroids, they practically envision their victories. So, one has to ask if achievement at the upper levels requires the sort of brain that can go there? Let’s talk.

You see, we were having this dialogue at our think tank, turns out General Patton and George Washington both had this personality quirk. So too did Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and others. Now then, regarding ‘vision’ or divine inspiration of George Washington, yes, I understand that myself, but also wonder if some of that is ‘seeing through time’ perhaps something that the mind is capable of, or at least some minds are, those which are fully self-actualized, perhaps not everyone. I had read that Alexander the Great and others had spoken of such things as well. General Patton believed he was reincarnated from a past famous leader or warriors.

I’ve seen victory in sports prior to competition and watched it play out almost exactly as I saw it, and have even wondered if I am able to send information back in time to myself, in hindsight after so many successful predictions of the future have come to pass. Maybe it is Maxwell Maltz’ Psychocybernetic Theory, or it is just the way things work, maybe the human mind is an organic quantum device, maybe time doesn’t exist and yet we perceive to be trapped in it – I refuse to be. Maybe it’s a choice, maybe that is why I write about future concepts and Science Fiction – hard to say.

Indeed, I really believe that nothing is impossible, even if I cannot prove it based on the Scientific Method, but is what I suggest magic, or can it be explained if we eliminate the ‘dimension of time’ that is IF it really exists at all – fun stuff, right? I’ve also contemplated that perhaps certain minds can will events to occur, because being non-religious and having those types of things happen over and over again to me, it appears that there is more to the story than science or religion has to provide us.

Thus, I wonder if it is just ‘possible’ meaning ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist, or it does if you believe it to exist, which means you created your own impossibilities, limits, barriers, so it’s a choice. That theory would play havoc on perceived reality and lend itself nice to alternative futures and universes meaning the time travel or elimination of that ‘time trap’ is beatable, like hacking a computer simulation, or de-digitizing a Matrix VR game.

Anyway, I enjoy thinking here occasionally, but don’t lose sight of the ball in our timed reality either. Interesting, how George Washington’s visions or the speculation of such are still intriguing today. Was he crazy, brilliant, or human+. Maybe we should look at his DNA from the remaining locket of hair and ponder this on a scientific level to either prove it’s nonsense, or that there is actually something different there?

Source by Lance Winslow


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