Dry Eye Relieving Vision Improvement With Slow Blinking


If you use the computer for prolonged periods of time chances are you are concerned about your vision health. Some issues that are associated with excessive close up work on computer screens relate to eye strain, tired eyes and problems associated with dry eye. Eye exercises provide an alternative natural remedy to vision problems associated with this health issue. With excessive computer use comes a reduction in your tendency to blink your eyes adequately as you should to promote better vision health. A significant decrease in the rate that you can blink can cause staring which contributes to the problem of dry eye.

For instance, according to a study by the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, you actually blink 66% less while you are working for long periods on the computer which can make your eyes feel dry. Therefore, if you are searching for a good solution to relieving dry eye at the computer, here is an example of an eye relaxation technique that can help you achieve that objective. This technique is called slow blinking.

Here is a detailed description of how to perform slow blinking along with its benefits for promoting better vision and relieving dry eye. For the purpose of protecting your eye health, from the negative effects of staring, The Mayo Clinic recommends taking regular periodic breaks from your close up work for the sake of protecting your eye health.

To perform the slow blinking technique keep your eyes open and inhale deeply. Then, proceed to blink your eyes at a slow pace as you exhale deeply and repeat the words relax 3 times in your mind. Do this for about a minute for every 20-30 minute interval as you take periodic breaks from your close up work.

This particular technique has a cleansing effect on the eyes and also keeps the eyes moist as it increases the eye's natural tear production. Additionally, you get the benefit of better vision and dry eye relief at the computer. The simplicity of this technique makes it very easy to perform and fit into your work schedule for better eye health.

A bad visual habit caused by excessive close up work on the computer is staring. Staring significantly decreases our ability to blink our eyes sufficiently to promote better vision health; a problem that leads to dry eye. An effective natural remedy to relieve dry eye is the slow blinking technique which can be performed during periodic breaks from your close up work at the computer. Such an eye relaxation technique to relieve eye strain also improves blinking; a good visual habit that ultimately, increase the eye's natural tear production improv relieving dry eye.

Source by Joel Travers King


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