In Pursuit of Dream and Happiness – The Merging of Culture in the US and China


What’s that famous MLK quote I keep reciting? “I Have a Dream!” And well, he may not be alone anymore, there may be another 1.3 billion people who also have a dream – and they are from China, so, let’s talk shall we?

On the cover of the September issue 2013 of China Today there was a quote; “China is a domicile for all dreams. Everyone has the right to dreams and, more important, the right to make them come true. This is the Chinese dream in a nutshell.” And about halfway through that issue was an article titled “The Chinese Dream, My Dream,” by Tang Shuniaq.

Yes, I realize that the magazine “China Today” is put out by the Chinese government, and is more or less a soft sell of Chinese culture, business, and industry into the US market. Communist China is growing up, many of the kids of the Communist leaders who one day I’d be leaders themselves, are thinking more and more like Americans. Many of them are going to our top schools and universities.

Since Chinese students have higher IQs, they are able to academically get into upper and education in the United States, plus they have the money to pay for it, and last time I checked tuition costs were not that she, but foreign students to pay more. Regardless of the fact that China is purporting this propaganda of the “Chinese dream” to the American citizenry, they are also promoting this thought to their own people. In many regards that’s a wise move, because that slogan, or thought, or concept is very similar to “hope and change” and we know that worked real well for a branding effort for our current administration.

Likewise, this concept of dreaming big and chasing that dream, and also attaining it – well, it sounds a lot like the pursuit of happiness, only it ups the ante in that it says that everyone has the right to make them come true. If our culture has been an influence on this new tract and way of thinking, it means that the Chinese will emerge from an authoritarian culture to one of individuals pursuing their self-interests, strengths, will, and following their dreams.

It seems that this will be quite a bit of competition for an American who citizenry has gotten fat, dumb, lazy, and happy. It means we need to get off our butts to compete in the world and global marketplace. But it also means that there can be peace between the United States and China because we share an ideal, and that’s very important for the future of humanity on planet Earth.

As often as I ripped China for some of their endeavors, trade strategies, territorial pursuits, pollution, military exploits, and their bizarre scavenger hunt around the world for raw materials, I am not about to deny that this new tactic of getting their people to dream and dream big – is a positive leap forward, like no other if they can manage it, and if it takes off. It just might too – because there’s something about psycho cybernetics coupled with dreaming that makes all things possible. Please consider all that and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow


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