Migration of Datasweep Advantage to Rockwell Production Center


This article is intended for experienced professionals who understand Datasweep Advantage product and Rockwell Production Centre. I expect the reader should have some experience in using the Process designer tool.

Since the support to Datasweep Products are ending or becoming costly it is wise to migrate the application to a newer version as early as possible. At least some people think that the migration of Datasweep advantage to Rockwell Production centre is like eating an elephant. I think it is easy and can be conducted in 5 simple steps.

The software and installation instructions are available at Rockwell website. Once you pay or show interest on Rockwell products they will provide you a user name and password and you can download the software as well as the documents.

1) Install the new version of Rockwell Production center

Read and understand the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre Supported plat forms before you start installation.

2) Use the enterprise administrator to migrate the database

Migrating the old database to the new one is possible through the Enterprise Administrator tool. Migration does not corrupt your data. But for safe side keep a copy of your database before you do the same.

3) Change the API calls in PNut scripts.

This is required some PNut coding skills. The Process designer allows you to search the APIs globally. You may have to find what are the changes in the functions. I can see some additional parameters are required for the new APIs.

4) Complete functional testing

A complete functional testing is required in most of the cases. Since the Database is changed as well as the coding.

5) UAT

You may conduct a UAT for the newly migrated software.

Even though I have listed the complete migration in 5 simple steps when it is actually conducts we may need to control and manage the activities like a Software project.

Source by Jojo Jose


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