Self-Improvement – Dazzling White Teeth and Amazing Smile Through Hypnotic Visualizations


In this article I will share an example of Hypnotic Visualizations and Affirmations that helped someone to achieve some of their goals. I had him list some of the most important goals they had and why these were important and how they would know they had reached them. We took some of these goals from their list and created a very simple yet powerful daily ritual for them to do to ensure they would achieve their goals.

One goal was to have dazzling white teeth and an amazing smile. Another goal was for him to improve his posture and overall appearance and discipline. So the first goal of whitening his teeth is more for the actual teeth to be whiter and the amazing smile is more about projecting that warm feeling that others can sense and feel.

He decided on the tooth whitening product he felt would work best for him and I had him use the product as directed and then smile in front of his mirror with his back to the wall. So every morning or night or both he would stand with his heels and back against the wall and face his mirror and smile. He would imagine looking at someone he really liked and send them that warm feeling through his smile. He would be looking at his own reflection and sending feelings and thoughts of acceptance and respect and comfort.

He would visualize his perfect posture and he could see himself standing tall against the wall and he got used to how this felt, both physically and how good it made him feel inside. He would smile and send the warmth of a real heart-felt smile with a slight glint in his eye and he would see his reflection while imagining someone he was meeting for the first time or meeting again because they wanted to see him again.

His analytical mind could see and agree that he was standing tall and straight as he said to himself "My posture is perfect!" "My teeth are dazzling white and I smile naturally and easily and people respond well to my smile and smile in return." His intellectual adult mind could see and agree that his teeth were becoming lighter and more dazzlingly white, while his emotional mind could feel these scenarios and imagine even better situations and hear the laughter and feel the connections between himself and others. All the while he was developing his mental and physical discipline (think Marines!)

With Hypnosis we also cut down his intake of colas and coffee and other tooth staining products. Within 20 days his teeth were already noticeably whiter and more importantly he was more comfortable with less than perfect teeth. Maxwell Maltz author of "Psycho-Cybernetics" was a Plastic Surgeon who noticed that even when people had their physically appearance improved through cosmetic surgery some of them still felt ugly or deformed or unattractive on the inside.

So I always make sure to work with the inside and outside-helping someone to improve their outer appearance is often the easier part than helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin and liking how they look. You can probably think of some very famous people who have had tons of surgeries and have all the money in the World and died tragically and unhappy. Instead, you can be happier about yourself and reach more and more goals by creating your own ritual from what you discovered here.

Source by Michael Twomey


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