Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Protoss Vs Terran – Stopping The Marine Marauder Build 1v1


When playing as Protoss in Starcraft 2 I find the most difficulty fending off that pesky early game Marine Marauder push used by hundreds if not thousands of Terran players on In the following article I’m going to reveal a good build order and what you (the Protoss player) can do to stop the Terran from destroying you 10 minutes into the match. Here is what works best versus Terran.

First off you want to harvest minerals and produce Probes until 9 supply. Warp in your first Pylon and then produce an additional 3 probes (Chronoboosting after the Pylon is completed). At 12 or 13 supply you want to start your first Gateway. Now right here you want to continue producing Probes as normal, but for this strategies timing to be most effective you will want to postpone your second Pylon until you have started your Cybernetics Core. The Reason for this is you will NEED sentries they are one of the most crucial pieces to this technique and you want to get them before your opponent reaches your base (just a little sidenote you will want to be Chronoboosting your Gateway units IF you’ve been scouted, if not you generally can preserve it for the production of Probes). After your Cybernetics Core is started you want to grab that 2nd Pylon and build 2 more Gateways. Once your Cybernetics Core is finished you will want to begin a Robotics Facility then begin Warp Gate research. Build a 4th Gateway and save for your Robotics Support Bay. Remember to build Pylons as needed to avoid becoming supply blocked and once you have that your buildings are setup.

Now meanwhile you want to get 2 or 3 Sentries out as fast as you can because they are going to delay the Terran from gaining access to your base. What you can do with these Sentries is place a Force Field (not to be confused with Guardian Shield) down at the BOTTOM of your ramp so that A) they can’t come up into your base and B) they can’t see up your ramp into your base (at least without wasting energy on a scan). Basically you want to leverage this ability to your advantage and use this time to produce Stalkers and Immortals as you wait for your Robotics Support Bay to finish. Also its good practice to produce 3 or 4 Zealots and keep them in front of your army to soak up incoming damage should the Terran army get a unit or two up the ramp. Once your Robotics Support Bay is done i highly recommend you upgrade Thermal Lances (increased range with Colossi) as this will aid you taking out a portion of their army while you’re still in your base.

Once your 2nd Colossus is finished it is this moment that you want to shift from defensive to offensive. If you did this correctly you should have your 2-3 Sentries 3-4 Immortals 6-7 Stalkers a couple Zealots and your 2 Colossi. Coupled with a little micro skill this attack force should be a plenty big enough army to completely overwhelm the Terran player’s army of Marines and Marauders as well as completely ravaging his main base. Using this technique you could easily overpower players of all skill levels.

Source by Joe Coer


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