Tamper Evident Child Resistant Closures


Child resistant closures are essential on any liquid medicine bottles, for obvious reasons. If a child were able to open a bottle containing medicine and drink it, the result could be fatal and devastating.

The closures work with a push and turn feature based on the knowledge that a child of 42 to 51 months old will not be sufficiently capable of simultaneously exacting the two coordinated movements at one time. It is therefore cleverly designed so that adults can open with ease but a young child cannot.

The PP28 Medi-Loc closure is exemplary by way of both performance and efficiency. The PP28 Medi-Loc is a three piece wadded child resistant closure (with optional tamper-evidence) designed to fit a standard PP28 finish conforming to GF304 (CETIE GME 305 28) meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. The PP28 Medi-Loc TE version incorporates patented CRC technology which enhances adult open ability. It also has the added advantage of an externally visible tamper-evidence, which helps protect the bottle contents from filler to end-user.


The PP28 Medi-Loc is compliant with ISO8317 (2003) on a range of glass and PET bottles. In addition, it has been tested successfully on a sixty to eighty year age group ahead of potential future CR test requirements.


The PP28 Medi-Loc is designed to suit a standard PP28 glass finish and is also suited to plastic bottles with the correct neck finish. Details details are available from the supplier.


The materials used in the construction of this pharmaceutical closure are as followed:

  • The inner threaded component is PP
  • The outer cap shell is molded in HDPE
  • The TE band is made out of LDPE


A range of standard liners are available to suit the demands of the packed product.


The standard format PP28 Medi-Loc is white with 'natural' TE band, providing a visible yet discreet contrast with the bottle neck. Alternative colors and variations are subject to a minimum order quantity

Opening Instructions

Integral opening instructions are required so that adults are able to understand how to open the medicine. The PP28 Medi-Loc is embossed with graphic opening instructions, highlighted with black ink for added clarity.

Technical Support

A detailed manual is available on request. This includes closure specification, bottle finishes, cap application data and the recommended storage conditions.

Packaging Specifications

PP28 Medi-Loc is tumble packed into lined, sealed one way corrugated cartons and stretch wrapped on to four way entry wooden pallets.

Source by Lara Z Croft


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