The Hidden Secrets of Gold Bracelets


Gold is the most unique metal on earth. Its peculiar properties make it extremely valuable and useful. From remote times, people of all nations mined it, melded it into different artifacts and hoarded it as personal wealth. It was later on used as money.

It is said that the alchemists were very knowledgeable about gold and that they discovered things that have now been forgotten. By heating and cooling it many times and at different temperatures, gold was more and more refined till it was almost ethereal or spiritual. Many wise men in those days were looking for the philosopher 'stone, a liquid which is believed, could transform base metals into pure gold. It was also related to the elixir of life that could heal any sickness and grant you eternal life. Gold was believed to be the purest state of matter and symbolise the highest spiritual state of the human mind.

Gold is also supposed to have beneficial effects on the human body, especially on the mind and the nervous system. Its positive energy brings more power to the brain. The medical establishment has prescribed gold products as therapy for arthritis and other ailments. The holistic medicine believes that it can cure scoliosis, epilepsy and even clear the obstructed cardiovascular system.

It is not surprising that knowing of all those beneficial effects that gold has on the human body; People started wearing it on themselves in the form of jewelery. Having a gold bracelet in your arm can induce better health and promote a general state of well being. It would explain that the use of gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets in all the cultures and nations of the World was not only for decoration and a sign of wealth and power, but also for the sake of health.

Being such a pure element, it is understandable that it was used to worship and glorify many deities of old. The vessels for the purification, or offering of libations to the gods, were usually made out of gold.
The utensils, plates, cups and silverware in the house of kings, emperors and high finance potentates, are known to have been of solid gold, as it is not toxic and even helps the digestion.

Other uses of gold come right into the cybernetic age. As gold is such a good conductor of electricity, it has been used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment such as computers, motherboards, mobile phones, etc.

Source by Rose Gagnon


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