The Years Before the Tribulation


The stages of end time prophecy is being set; Israel is back in the promised land; global power & financial wealth is being concentrated into the hands of the very few; super weapons are falling into the hands of power crazed rebels; our freedoms at home are being traded away for so called security from terrorists. It seems Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes.

Chronological Order

With Bible prophecy falling into place just like the ancient prophets said it would it becomes apparent that some kind of chronological order should be in the mix for all this to come together. Israel, the Middle East, the collapse of morality worldwide and the global economy heading south just the way it was predicted eons ago there is a challenge to put things in order to lend credence to the possibility we are living the last days.

Time is required

Time is in the mix for socioeconomic, military and political realties to come to fulfillment. In Joel 2:31 scripture says, "The sun shall be turned to darkness (eclipse), and the moon into blood (four blood moons + full eclipse coming in 2014-15), before the great and terrible day of the Lord." In other words certain events must line up before end time happenings start.

Some Events Have Not Happened

Looking ahead we can observe some end time events have not occurred just yet. For instance: The Mideast Wars have not happened yet – Damascus has not been destroyed – earthquakes, famine and pestilence have not become universal – there is not a one world currency or government that has taken hold at this time.

Some Events are Quickening

Other parts of the puzzle are pulling together very fast. For example: we can see the world of genetics making horrifying advances in human / animal hybridization. We can witness increasing demonic visibility in the form of UFO / alien mythology, together with a growing social consciousness that the fallen angels, that once plagued the earth subjugating mankind before the flood, are making themselves known again. High tech can now interconnect microchips with the human brain for control. Artificial intelligence is slowly coming online. "Super-soldiers" are only a couple clicks away. Robotics will very shortly be approaching the level of human facility. Universal surveillance, in the name of fighting terrorism, will facilitate global control of society are now becoming conceivable realities. The Antichrist system is moving into place as security systems worldwide expand exponentially.

Not Much Time to Left

There still seems to be a small time of evolution, incubation if you will, before all these events meld into the massive formation of a world global empire under the control of the man of peace later known as the Antichrist. The beast cannot rise to power in an instant. A process is incumbent upon the rising to power of a dictatorship. He must gain recognition as an elected official, then seize power anyway possible, like Hitler did, convincing the population along the way that he has all the answers to world peace, the financial crisis, unemployment, and the high cost of living. Finally in an up close and personal revolution he exerts his will and seizes power against all odds. This of course will all take time. The time before the tribulation.

Supernatural Overview

Most observant Biblical prophecy Christians believe we are either very close or actually within the brief time period right before the seven year Tribulation, the day of the Lord. Many believers in prophecy are in agreement that the single event that marks the beginning of the Tribulation is the signing of a seven year peace treaty between the world leader and Israel mentioned in Daniel 9:27. This will identify the Antichrist when he signs the seven year peace treaty with Israel an also specifically target the very time of the second coming of our Lord. Exactly seven years later Christ will return in all his glory to establish his kingdom on earth to last forever and ever.

Source by Gary Kent Boyd


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