Theatre of the Mind: The Apex of Visualization Meditation


Your imagination can go as far as you want it to go, it’s limitless. We have always been taught, that if we want to be good at something, we should practice until we are able to perfect it or be the best at what we want to do and what we want to be. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the classic and influential author of the book, Psycho-Cybernetics espouses this belief in his writings too. However, unlike the general population of the world who wait for an opportunity, a tangible place, and perfect timing to get what they want, Dr. Maltz believed that you don’t have to go very far. The human mind is very powerful. Everything and anything good that you want to happen with your life can be controlled and improved through visualization meditation.

The most important concept in Dr. Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics book is “The Theatre of the Mind.” This is also called, synthetic experience. This is considered to be the height and summit of visualization meditation. Many believers of the New Thought, have great trust on the capability of the mind to claim what it wants. With the use of the strategy that lies in the Theatre of the Mind concept, you do not only imagine the end results of what you want to achieve, but you can actually practice inside your head the details of what you want to happen.

This is why even in sports and other fields, the concept of the Theatre of the Mind has also become popular. It is used to enhance certain skills. The most popular example that is used to clearly illustrate how the concept works is by looking into three basketball teams with different training practices. One team practices their free throws. The second team does not practice at all. The third team practices free throws in their minds. The results of the study were surprising. It was expected that the team who did not practice at all was beaten by the first team points wise. However, the team that practiced free throws through visualization gained as much points as the team who actually practiced their free throws. This just basically reaffirms that if you set your mind on something and visualize the specific details in your head, your performance at that particular activity or skill will dramatically improve.

Setting goals is important, but looking into the future and playing the scene of your success in your mind may not be enough. You have to go into the details and the specifics. Everyone wants to be rich and successful. However, there should be a plan or a blueprint before reaching that success. Think of the steps that you need to do in order to reach your goals. In the context of the Theatre of the Mind, you can use this concept to allot a few minutes of your day to map out the steps in your head. Using the same viewpoint of the third team who practiced free throws in their heads, you can use the Theatre of the Mind to “practice” the steps in your plans, and eventually reach the goal in your mind. This visualization meditation will surprisingly give you more knowledge, and more positive energy to make the success that you want in your mind into reality.

Here are the situations wherein the Theatre of the Mind is highly recommended to be used.

1. Sales professionals are advised to use this technique before coming to work or even before doing the sales pitch. One can practice in his or in her mind how to go about the pitch and the rebuttals if needed. At the end of the visualization, in the sales professional’s mind, he or she should be able to successfully close the sale.

2. Public speakers can also use this strategy before making a big speech. One should just visualize the speech in his or head with the audience ultimately mesmerized by the eloquent and confident speaker in front of them. The public speaker’s visualization should end with a big round of applause.

3. Sports players can use the Theatre of the Mind to play different scenes in the field and how he or she can use the strategies that he or she feel would let him or her win the game. The player’s visualization should end with effectively using the strategies that can make him or her a winner.

4. This can also be used by people who have long-term goals, like successfully graduating with honors, passing a licensure exam, success in business and the like.

The main thing to remember about the Theatre of the Mind is to be specific about your visualization, and you will be surprised at how specific the results are. It is like the counterpart of the biblical adage that goes, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Source by Drew James Davis


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